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Required written 30 day notice not given - FL

In my lease in the requirements regarding return of the security deposit it clearly states that a 30 day written notice must be given. The tenant gave no notice nor signed the new lease. The day after the lease expired after my asking he texted they were moving out in 15 days.  Am I entitled to keep the security deposit if I notify them within the required 30 days of my intentions and site the lease stipulations regarding the security deposit? FYI every lease I've ever had in FL had this stipulation in it.    Thank you, Cheri your state/local tenant lease law. If you had a lease, the lease specifies when lease terminates. In CA, no notice is required from either tenant or owner that tenant is required to move on termination date unless other arrangement were agreed upon........If they hold over, you're probably entitled to deduct 15 days of rent from their sec.dpst......Not sure what is meant by  "...I notified them...."
Thank you Stan.  "I notify them" refers to the fact that In FL, according to lease laws, the landlord must notify the tenant within 30 days of intentions to withhold any of the security deposit. The tenant then has 15 days to reply. I have continued to research both the laws and with other landlords and my local landlord association.
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