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I am evicting my tenant for not paying rent can I keep last month rent and deposit which I have collected.

As long as the amount doesn't go over what they owe you in back rent, lost rent from leaving before the end of the lease until you re-rent, and damages
Thanks Scott
I am currently overseas working abroad.  I have a renter in Alabama, what is the best way to handle evicting the tenants without any positive control from being abroad?
I use the normal forms of 5 day pay or vacate and the one that shows the breakdown of the things owed that may be taken from the security deposit, along with a move out inspection.  You can advise them to walk the house before they leave with someone you select to go to walk with them.    I email the 3 forms, as well as I text them and mail them.  I let them know that someone will be walking the house the following morning. Request a forwarding address to mail them the final owed if there is anything left based on you states time frame.
Follow the law in your state. Every state has different statutes. Evictions can be awful and consume alot of time and money.  From experience and what I have read, its best to compromise to get people out.  Non payment of rent is grounds for eviction but you must follow the law in your state. In Florida the tenant can respond to the court. They can come up with shoddy excuses why they didn't pay the rent and the court allows them to stay rent free.  It can take well over 2 mos.added to the month or so they haven't paid.  Unless you are prepared after that to drag them to small claims court think long and hard about evictions.  Chances are you will never get paid anyway and the unit is often left in bad condition. Ugh.  Try to make a deal and facilitate the move. In Florida, unless your lease specifically says you can utilize the security for unpaid rent its strictly for security.  That walk through is key.  Following the law regarding return of security deposit is also key.  If you don't the tenant can demand full return of the deposit.  Make a deal, like hey Ill return your deposit or most of it and you can be on your way.  Just an opinion.
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