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Tenants on month-to-month and were given written notice to move

In short, these tenants have been given notice to move out 12 months in advance, and reminded in writing every month till now.  They are due to move on August 31st, 2017 - however they have also not paid the rent for August.  They are begging I allow them one more month and I'm done with the deception and irresponsibility.  If they don't move out by the 31st, what are my options?  Call the sheriff?  Also, should I go post a 3 day pay or quit before the 31st as that is still missing?  Can I go change the locks on September 1st without issues?  Thanks,  Juan
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Send them a letter reminding them that they are required to move when the lease terminates. If they don't move, consider contacting a lawyer for advise and probably to start an eviction........ I would also ask the attorney if you should collect any rent at this time, especially after lease terminated. Doing so may extend the rental into a month-to-month.....If you have a lease that terminates at the end of August, you don't need a 3-day notice...... I believe you can't change the lock or turn off the utilities. Again, check with an attorney.
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