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Mentally unstable roommate in TN - Can I evict?

Four young women rent a home from us here in Tennessee.  One of them has become verbally abusive and has had minor lease violations (letting her boyfriend have access to the house, letting a friend's dog come over).  All 4 women signed the lease.    3 of them now feel unsafe with the 4th roommate.  Can I evict her?  They only have 3 months left on the lease but the ladies are not interested in continuing to life with the verbally abusive one for the remainder of the lease.  If I want them to find a 4th roommate and stay, I need to evict the one.    What are my options?  I have never been in a similar situation.   I really appreciate any insight you may have.  I'm not sure how to proceed.
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If she has threatened them or done anything physical.  They should get a restraining order then she won't be able to live there.   You could then release her from the lease and have the other three women sign a new lease,  I'd start the term over again.
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