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early mutual termination agreement New York

Hello fellow landlords, Does anyone have effective text for a written mutual early termination agreement? Also, any recommendations on how to handle this? I am seeking vacation of a unit due to urgent ceiling repairs AND that the tenant's use of several scented candles emitted smoke causing significant soot residue on upper walls and ceilings over several years. Therefore the whole place need soot remediation and repainting, as well as heavy cleaning as the tenant is far from a Martha Stewart tenant.  In addition, I am trying to couch the need for vacating due the danger the ceilings cause to they safety and possible injury if it falls as well at the extreme inconvenience of living there while drywall repairs(extremely dusty and dirty) are made.  Thanks
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I would use a template from this site, and note your reasons. Good luck! Im sure it will go well.
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