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verbal agreement for weekly rental

I've allowed a co-worker to move into my house (4bed 2.5bath) to help her with the commute to work since it was 2hrs plus everyday, i've also foolishly told her that we can start an agreement for her to pay rent once she was fully moved into the master bedroom as she had nothing ie no furniture and was sleeping in the guest room. Months went by and she continued to live for free as she tried to get furniture and the master bedroom in order.  I found out that I was pregnant and needed to move to VA to be closer to my husband, we agreed that since I was moving that we can start a lease right before I leave. We drafted a lease, went over it line by line, verbally agreed for her to pay $150.00 a week every Monday due by Wed night since we are paid on a weekly basis for a total of $600.00 a month. She's only made a few payments, 2 weeks before I leave she was late on two payments and only gave a partial payment (have receipts as proof). Told her that if she cant keep up with the obligation now, let me know because the day I leave she would need to be gone as well. She said it's not a problem, she will have the money and sign the lease. The day arrives for us to sign the lease and she skipped town. I wasn't able to wait for her return since we had movers, a rental truck, and my husband needed to be back on base after our planned drive to VA. I've given her plenty of time to come up with the funds, many calls and texts went unanswered. I served her a 3-day notice, still no compliance, and now I've sent her a 7day to vacate. What else can I do to retrieve the past due rent especially since this was a verbal agreement awaiting the signing of the lease?
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im sorry everyone forgot to mention the property is in Pensacola, FL
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