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Commercial lease agreement - Michigan

Ok heres the situation,  we have a newly renovated commercial unit ( all building permits were pulled and a certificat of occupancy has been issued by the local code officials for this tenants occupancy).   The tenant will not provide the landlords with proof of insurance that is required by the lease.  ( General liability and professional liability) The tenant may have coverage but is refusing to give a copy to the landlord and meet the landlords requirements for additional insured and waver of subrogation endorsements in favor of the landlord and building owner.  The tenants clientele include special needs children ( autiism ). The lease was negotiated as a net lease to the landlord with the tenant responsible for all utilities and general maintenance around the space.  The tenant is also trying to force the landlord to install additional exterior lights on the front of the building siting it’s a safety issue.  Our position is that any additional exterior lighting would also be the tenants responsibility to install and that the refusal to provide the proper certificates of liability insurance is a default on the tenants part.  We have severel  texts and e-mail exchanges to try to get the tenant to understand and comply with the lease.   We are now ready to move to evict the tenant based on their refusal to supply of the proper insurance and for not abiding with the general terms of the lease.  My question is can a professional such as our doctor negotiate a low cost lease then require the landlord  To bring the building up to some other level of code compliance after they have signed the lease.  We believe that one of the organizations that the tenants is contracting with is requiring the additional light under a BCC code and now the tenant is trying to make the landlord install and pay for the additional lighting.  Just looking for comments before we start the eviction process.
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No way! They chose the property for their business, their responsible for the bringing it to code, with your permission, for their business.
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