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Okay, if I have a tenant that has a 1 year lease and it expires and we go month to month. They move out but a deposit  and a last was paid in the beginning. Does the last still have to be reimbursed or only the deposit

Our renters of 12 years are moving. How do we know how much of their deposit to get back to them? There is the usual wear and tear after 12 years. There are some small dents in the doors and two holes in the kitchen linoleum. A lot of the screens are ripped out or have holes in them. How do you know how much to deduct for something like this?  They did replace the bathroom floor and painted it so it is in good shape. They also replaced handles on the kitchen cupboards.  None of the other walls have been painted since they moved in and they all need to be painted now. I don’t know how to figure out what to charge for the damages. Any ideas?  Kathy
After 12 years .......Thank your renters.Give them back security deposit......YOU ARE LUCKY!!!!!
If they never used it as last months rent and the gave you proper notice to vacate then they should have it returned to them.  Yes, after twelve years they should get all the deposit back with what you describe.   Get the big roll of screen, the spline, and the roller tool at homedepot/lowes.  Probably less the hundred buck to get enoght to do thirty or so windows.   Take less then ten minutes to replace the screen.
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