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Property left and no key returned.

I have a term lease with my tenant meaning at the end of the lease he is to move out unless I offer a new lease.  He called and said he did not want a new lease this time around and would be vacating.  He also asked for an additional 10 days and I offered him 5 of which he declined.   We verbally agreed that he would leave the keys on the kitchen counter and lock the door behind him.    The keys are not on the counter and there is still stuff mainly in the garage.  The house is 99% empty besides a shelf, ect.     So while waiting for a phone call back from him, I want to familiarize myself again of the lawful thing I need to do.   I am worried that since we do not have the keys he has legal possession of the property still and we should not be in the home, even though it is a term lease.      Do I post and start an eviction to be on the safe side?
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My tenant called and we now have the key.   My intuition said this was a good tenant and he was.  However to all whom read this I screened him and required a income 3x the rent and a 700 credit score.    This is why it all worked out.
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