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Text Notification considered a formal notice to vacate before end of lease

One of my tenants gave me notice to move out before the end of the lease by text which isnt an offical form of communication as listed in the lease.  The tenant is one of a couple but the 2nd half of the married couple has not been heard from.  I have asked for a formal letter but she has not complied.   She stated she will pay for the rent through the end of the lease but is not complying with move out instructions or formal notice.  She believes she could stay in the unit after the final inspection because they paid through the end of the lease.    I have also not heard anything from her husband?  She keeps changing the date she is leaving and has clearly not paid attention to the lease instruction about move out.  Any suggestions?  I don't consider a text formal notification and it is not listed in the lease as a ways to formally communicate
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This situation is tricky. Is she paid in full to the end of the term? Rent is paid?
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