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Eviction without a lease or rental agreement

I inherited my Grandmothers property in Arizona with the promise to let her friend that had lived with her for many years continue living there as long as he wanted.  The property is in my name.  I have been paying all the utilities and he does not pay rent.  There is no rental or lease agreement.  Now he has other people living there that I did not agree to and I can't afford it any longer.  I want to sell the property as soon as possible.  How do I start eviction?

First just ask them to move out.
You need to go to your state website and most likely they will have the forms and instructions for you. You should also write them a 30 day notice to quit-(move out). Make sure you send it certified mail with a return receipt to show you sent them notice. You should also check your state laws on tenants not paying rent, as in some states it can be a problem as they can claim the property! I know REALLY!!!  I would not recommend just asking them to move out-make sure it is in writing. Hopefully it has not been many years since you inherited the property, and you could also have them sign a rental lease and pay the utilities, and collect a deposit. GOOD LUCK!!
Call Kimball Tirey and St John Out of San Diego and hire it out.  WIll save you a lot of time and money.
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