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Florida tenant issued 7 day notice with cure now out of compliance again

so the tenant did not clean up their debris, correct things that they built on the exterior of the property and I have issued a 7 day notice without cure. It is best for them to leave/be evicted as I am having issues with the insurance company due to the "irregularities." In essence,   #! How long do they have to answer to obtain a court hearing (fl county) 5 or 20 business days?  #2 they were in a purchase contract which, due to their neglect of the property, was cancelled. The court is  posting the paperwork for an eviction, which I believe is the best course of action as the purchase contract was cancelled in favorof a month to month tenancy upon their further lack of response. I assume that they cannot come back at me for "ownership rights."  after their default, which also included failing to make payemnts for 2 months before I filed for eviction. thank you
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Tenants are not following contract they are forfeiting their rights to the property. This situation is best handled with an attorney just to be sure you dot the 'i's" and cross the "t's". Good Luck!
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