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Evicting tenants in Ohio

Hello, Help line is apparently off today and would not go through!.... Anybody out there who can give me insight on this issues I am dealing with?.... Thanks in advance.  " I had to evict my tenants recently and I used your 3 days eviction notice and obviously it worked well. Now that my tenants are gone and I am in process of getting house cleaned and hopefully, find good tenants that can actually keep jobs and be able to pay rent!...... My question though at this time, do I need to go through city court system which cost me additional $350.00 in order to lawfully take possession back and get rental property back on market  without any type of legal issues with previous tenants. PS: I had to issue 3 days eviction to tenants due to the fact that both of my tenants claimed they lost jobs and could not come up with their monthly rent on 2nd month. They paid me first month rent and security deposit though........" Thank you
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If you are working with an attorney or courthouse they will be able to provide you the step by step of everything that you need.  Your attorney will be able to make sure you have everything sent to the tenant as well as submitted officially for eviction. Never try to handle an eviction yourself because from my experience with out representation you will get burned.
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