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can i evict a tenant based on his behavior?

My tenant has not been using the AC unit properly and this created some superficial mold that was taken care of immediately. Since that incident I have requested the tenant to provide proof of ac filter receipts, and Nest Thermostat reports. I need to remind him every month and he claims i am harassing him. This month, after i asked for the receipt and reports, he send me a picture of the ac filter with his hand flipping me the finger. He has also called me many names like bitch, dumbass, illiterate, etc just to name a few. He has been late 4 times with past payment but after i send him a warning he pays with the late fee. We also found trace of an unauthorized pet in the unit that was discovered during one of the walkthroughs.  I simply do not want to deal with him anymore, can i evict him for his misconduct.

How much longer is his lease?  If it's only a few months I would just inform him that I will not be renewing his lease and he will have to vacate when the lease expires.
you can evict him for not abiding by the Lease agreement. hopefully your ac maintenance is written into the lease. Check your state laws, In Minnesota for example you can start eviction even if the rent is 1 day late. If the lease says no pets allowed its just another reason to evict. Eviction can also be costly, my last tenant did $8000.00 worth of damage before he left, as retaliation. I did a reno and was able to raise my rent by 35 percent, but I have bills to pay now. I agree with Scott above too if you can just not renew the lease if it is up soon would always be best, provided he leaves and does not do any damage. Good luck!!
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