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1 Year Lease 20 Day Notice to Terminate

I had a renter that had a 1 year lease. It was based on income level being at a certain requirement. They lost their job, but had never been behind on the rent. I gave them a 20 day notice to vacate. They had 3 months left on there lease. I have charged them for the remainder of the lease rent as I have not been able to rent the house. Am I within my rights by the law?

So you told them the have to move out early, then you want them to pay the rest of the term anyway?  Not sure on the law in WA but I think morally since they were never behind and you wanted the house back you should eat the lost rent.   BTW did the lease specify that the had to make X amount of money?
Yes the lease was based on their income.
I can't imagine you can both ask them to leave AND force them to pay the remainder of the lease.
I was kind of thinking since I terminated the lease with allowing the time to correct the situation. I would be required by law to return the deposit. I thought I had to give an opportunity for them to correct an issue.
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