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Smoking violation

My lease lists several times that there is no smoking on premises.    After a long 4 month "notice to vacate" she has finally moved out.  The entire house (4 BR, 2 BA home) reeks of cigarette smoke.  We found cigarette butts inside home on floor and the house was left really dirty, food in fridge and garage and bedrooms with left behind trash.   We did not get security deposit because she paid 1st and last.  Can I charge her for the much needed painting of entire home to seal the smoke smell as well as the removal and installation of new carpets?  We are minutes from going on the market and cannot proceed until this is handled, the cigarette smell is overwhelming.  I did address it with her, she admits to smoking hookah inside and her boyfriend smoking in home, she states she only smoked outside.  I have this in written text form plus pictures of the hookah, cigarette butts on kitchen floor, etc.  I also have the original texts where I asked her originally if anyone was smoking - this is an enormous issue regarding resale.  How else can I prove this?
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