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Refuse to do a repair

I have a tenant that since day one has been late on their payments. So suddenly the husband holds a job and starts to pay the rent on time MOST of the time and now I have a demand list from them. So I did the repairs they asked of me except for the floor. There were 2 vinyl tiles that popped up by no way is the endangering anyone by the locations they are in. So I went out and spend the money to buy tile, cement, grout, etc...and have all the materials outside their apartment. I had the job scheduled for a Saturday weekend. So the Friday before the company called and had to reschedule for 2 weeks out, so I texted my tenant that morning and told her that they had to reschedule for 2 weeks. When I came home from work I explained to her the situation and she flipped out calling me a slumlord, cursing at me all in front of my neighbors. So i told her that if she doesn't like it she can move out. I have no control over the contractor rescheduling!! So my tenant now decides she is going to hold her rent until the floor is fixed, keep in mind they are on a weekly basis so she now owes me $925 as of today. So I pretty much had enough of them...I called a constable to server them with a 14 day to quit notice and that time period is almost up so once it is the constable will server her the eviction notice. I guess my question to you is" Am I in the right here refusing to do their floor after the way they decided to handle this situation?

Okay so the way the situation was handled was not correct on the tenants end, but you are bringing yourself to their level by withholding the work being done. They had no right to treat you that way when a contractor cancels but you already purchased materials and are ready for the job. Get it done. These tenants sound like the ones you really don't want to deal with but every job has a downfall right? lol good luck to you!
should have just used tile adhesive to glue those two tiles back down.    7 dollars from home depot 10 minutes and done.
They threw the tiles out or else I would have...also I'm not sure if they even make that same tile anymore. I can only imagine putting a tile in that is not an exact match. But anyway they have until the 3rd of February to get out, I already took them to court.
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