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former tenant trying to access property...ADVISE PLEASE!!

Has anyone had a situation where they had tenants leave (voluntarily or involuntary) and then try to return to the premises a few days later for items that they left behind?  I recently had to serve a tenant a 3 day notice and he moved out on the 4th day and left a lot of personal belongings behind.  I found out he tried to gain entry to the property through the front gate which I had put a chain and a pad lock on.  Anyone know how the law works in this scenario? (In Florida)  I would think its trespassing but it gets blurry when it comes to tenant rights and their abandoned property, etc., etc.  Can someone please chime in?? Thank you in advance!
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Yes it is trespassing, the tenant should have contacted you and asked for permission to enter the premises before just going there. I would allow the tenant to pick up their personal belongings but it should be scheduled.
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