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Tenant is Ignoring my Notice to Vacate

My tenant constantly tries to ignore me. She changes her phone number or blocks me and won't respond to my text messages. I send her certified letters but other than the postal tracking I would otherwise never know if she got them. Anyway, I notified her that would not tolerate late rent any longer and that she was to vacate the property, (30 day notice). She's late on rent again this month, 9 days from having to vacate and, (as usual) I hadn't heard from her so I called her work and got through to her yesterday. She acknowledged getting the notice to vacate but stated she didn't have plans in motion to move out.  What do you do when you have someone like this tha is completely unresponsive? My plan is to start the eviction process on the 6th of the Month but it's so frustrating not being able to communicate with a tenant.

Easy-peasy answer. Go to your county courthouse and file for a court date for eviction. Then take the papers they give you and walk the short distance to the county sheriffs booth and tell them "I'd like to have this individual served please." Be prepared to pay $150+/- for the experience but you can recoop that. Now, this is the important part, REFUSE ALL CONTACT FROM HER. Show up in court, explain to the judge what you did, and watch him/her lay into the tenant.
Once you file the papers to have her served, odds are then she-then possibly her lawyer-will start calling you like crazy. Ignore them all and just show up at court.
Why is it important to "REFUSE ALL CONTACT FROM HER"?
Because she knows how to play the game.
What can she do if you communicate with her?
"What can she do if you communicate with her?" She can use any and all responses in court Francisco M.
Interesting, what sort of thing can compromise the Landlord?
Please, file with county, serve with sheriff, then show up at court.
Thank you for the advice. I found out I have to give her 60 days notice, (I gave 30) so I'm issuing her a letter to provide the 60 day notice AND a 3 day notice to pay or quit this months rent. I've shut off my bank account so she'll be forced to pay in person or by mail (which is consistent with the lease) so her only chance to avoid eviction will be to pay the rent on time (or within the 3 day notice period).
We'll, she continued to ignore me but I was able to evict her on the 20th of March. The house was/is a mess so I've spent the past 2 weeks with help to completely paint the interior, replace carpet, baseboards, a door, fixtures, blinds, garbage disposal  and various other items she destroyed, removed or neglected, (she actually stole the range and stuck a filthy old range in there that didn't work). Anyway, I'm hoping to get the last laugh. I'm filing suit for $5200 in damages on Friday. I know where she works so I'll serve that filing on her in person. She won't be able to pay me but I'll unleash a collection agency on her so they can chase her for the next 3-5 years. At least her next landlord will see her history on a credit check. Some people deserve to live on the streets ....
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