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Unlawful Detainer suit

I  as Landlord filed anUnlawful detainer suit in Texas against my Tenant  . My Tenant owes me part of the rent $ 228 which he unlawfully deducted while paying November rent . I had to use the services of an Attorney to file a suit .   The Tenant vacated after 5 days of the notice serving ( the period to vacate was 3 days as per Texas Law )  and after filing the Suit . The hearing is on 13 December 2018   .  Should  I dismiss the suit or go ahead with the court hearing and obtain a judgement for the shortfall in rent $ 228 and Attorney and Court Fees .   I had signed a lease deed for 10 month and he gave me a notice on 3 Nov that he is vacating End Dec 18 . The lease end date id 7 March 2019  .
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Hello and welcome to the forum. It all depends on how greedy you want to be. The more greedy, the more difficult a judge becomes. In your case George, the tenant is out, what more do you want? My guess, again my guess, is that once the tenant is out then from that day forward, the most you'll recover is missing rent.
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