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breach of contract & due for 10/1/18 rent & 3 months behind in utilities

Hi my tenant left 1 month early this pass 9/26/18 - She owes 3 months of utilities also  and her 10/1/18 rent is due What type of letter could I send her an eviction notice? She is gone allready  Please advise.
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In this situation I  would have  taken it  out of the security deposit.  And send  a security deposit accounting letter, including demand for any remaining monies due over  the security deposit, such as rent monies still due.  I would attempt to get them to make arrangements  for payment, telling them you will not take  them  to court if they pay by a certain date.  Worked for me as I  had tenants  that were dependent  on no court judgments mucking up  their good rental  history credit.
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