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eliminating one tenant and adding a replacement

I have a lease signed by two friends. One wants out after only two months. The other would like to remain and wishes to have a different friend sign on to replace the one moving out. Both original renters had the same co-signer.  Can I remove one and replace with another for the duration of the lease? The co-signer has agreed to take on the new replacement. What forms do I need to use?

Have the new person sign the lease then have everyone sign (Remove Tenant Amendment) available under forms on this website.
Do I have the new tenant sign on to the existing lease that has been previously signed by remaining tenant and co-signor or a separate one for just this new tenant?  What if I cannot locate the tenant that has moved out to sign the removal addendum? Can I just leave the tenant that moved out on the lease since the cosigner is liable for all tenants anyways?
In adding a new tenant to an existing lease, do I have them sign the original lease with current date? The existing tenant has a cosigner. The one being added is a family member that also requires a cosigner. If the current cosigner agrees to also cosign for the new tenant, what form do I have them sign to make it legal?
There is also an add am amendment to add a tenant, and a co signer amendment.  Did you do a roommate addendum when you did the original lease?  You what them to understand that they have Joint and several liability.  That is all tenants are responsible to make sure you are completely paid.
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