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Tenant leaves condo early /Security depost and last month rent questions

I had a tenant that left my condo, (in Florida), prior to the end of the lease contract. The tenant agreed to continued paying if I did not request the remaining 7 months on the lease. I agree and tried to find a renter but did not send the tenant a claim for any damages at the time she left the unit. Florida law requires a 30-day notice of intent to claim damages to give tenant an opportunity to repair. Because the tenant was still paying for the unit, I only forward the damage amounts after we were able to locate another renter. The tenant left the state but is now claiming after they receive their security deposit less the damage amount, they are now entailed to the full amount because they were not notified (30 days)  after moving out.             Are they entailed to the full security deposit because I did not notify them after they left within 30 days? My assumption was because they were still paying for the unit (until I found a new renter) they could return anytime, so I only had to notify them after we removed them from paying any more rent.    Also, because the tenant left early in the contract are they entitled to their last month’s rent they paid in advance.

You can use the security deposit to cover repairs. Any funds left over should be returned to the tenant. You can use the "last month's rent" to cover the vacancy caused by breaking lease until the unit is re-rented.
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