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Steps of notices for tenants to vacate the property

Hi, have a tenant on a month to month lease.  We spoke verbally/text that they would be vacating the property on June 5th.  Now that I'm suppose to meet to get keys, the tenant is now saying they have not been able to find a place.  The tenant has been occupying the home for 8 years, but I informed the tenant 2-3 months ago that we would be selling the home.    I would like the tenant to vacate the property and they have not paid their rent last month and now we're in a new month will be 2 months.  Should I send them a 3 day notice or can I go ahead and send them a 30 day notice to vacate?  Please advise.
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Hello,  If I were in your shoes I would give them a 45 day letter saying their last day will be 31 July, 2013 and a five day remit or vacate for the the month of June. IF they go past the 11th with no rent collected, file for eviction at the county courthouse.  just me, Matthew
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