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Seeking judgement

I was able to evict my tenants as a no show, however, I believe they still are in Juneau, AK as one of my former tenants has an active facebook page and shows current events that she takes pictures and comments on.  My problem is I can't find them and am looking for damages and unpaid rent.  A neighbor where I have a property stated that they bought an RV and so may not have a current address and have blocked their phones.  How can I collect on the debt and how can I have their credit and show an eviction history so it will be difficult for them to get another place as they may live in an RV but doubt they will when the weather gets cold.  Any information on how I can find them will be greatly be appreciated.  Thank you. Alex

Good Luck Alex! Before you go to so much stress and expense, let me tell you my experiences. Twice I have taken tenants to court and won. They owe me over $2000.00, but as I have found GOOD LUCK getting any money even when you win. Also going through the hassle of trying to put an eviction on their record, only to figure that most landlords do not even see that record is just not worth it. The state laws work more towards Tenants not Landlords. The law in Minnesota states that a person must earn 40x minimum take home pay before you can collect anything. It also states that if they have received any type of state aid within the last 6 months you cannot go after them. They can own a fairly expensive home and a car and you cannot touch them. My last bad tenant had no money, late with rent, no savings and went from job to job. He did over $7000.00 in damage and left 2 months before the lease was done, and I have no way to sue him.  Check your state laws, its so important!  I didn't even bother with this last one as It is just a cost and stress burden with no positive outcome.
Thank you Sandy for your feedback, I’ll have to see how and if I can collect on costs here in Alaska.  Alex V
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