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How many days notice required for an 18 month lease?

I need to terminate am 18 month lease that ends May 31, 2019 in Riverside, California. What is the required notice for an 18 month lease? Is there a minimum amount of days required before such a notice as I only have 30 days until their lease ends? is 30 days notice sufficient? In the lease it is noted that the lease will end and renewal is to automatic. Want to be fair to my tenant but the property is going to be taken off the rental market due to owner re-occupying the home.
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It all depends on the tenant. If not MTM (Month to Month), as long as the tenant is willing, there is no time min. If there's a signed lease, that should be included before signing. But this case, waiting until the day before (30 April) and wondering if 30 days is cool is cutting things close.
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