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Video walk through

Hi there, just wondering if I could ask advice? Long term tenant before we bought the place has been given a non renewal notice. We are meeting to do a walk through of the property and since she has been threatening of us ‘harassing’ her (we knocked on her door to ask if laundry left in washer for two weeks was hers). We want to video it. Is this legal?
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It's your property, of course it is. If your tenant starts making a scene, then say "Fine." and do the walk-thru. If there are issues that you feel the need to record, then take pics with your phone. If, after the inspection you still want to video inform the tenant that you're returning in 24 hours with video and walk away. If that gets her truly upset, then go to the police station and explain the situation to the officer at the help desk. What they'll most likely tell you is to stop by there first about a half hour before you return to the apt. That way, the tenant can talk to the police officer while you sit in the car.
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