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How to Evict Someone?

I’m not sure if this is where I’d ask this question but I figured it was worth a shot?   So, here it goes.   My mother bought a house cash in 2009 & put the deed in her name & my brother’s. He was supposed to pay her back over time but he frequently missed payments & ended up being over 2 years behind. The last two years he also said he’d pay the taxes himself & he didn’t. He kept it to himself & my mother found out when she got a letter in the mail. In July she ended up having to pay over $10,000 to keep the house from going into foreclosure. The same week that happened, she asked him to sign a quit claim deed to remove his name from the house. He did, she filed it & the house is now in only her name. She tried to work something out with him after that but now he won’t talk to her. So, she sent a text asking him to move out of the house by September 30, 2018. It is now October 7, 2018 & he hasn’t left & it doesn’t look like he has plans to. At this point all she wants is for him to leave the house. They’ve never had any kind of contract or anything. It was all based on trust.    What would be the next best step?  Can she send an eviction notice? If so, what kind?  She wants to get a lawyer, would that be a good idea?  If so, could  anyone recommend a good one?  Apologies if this isn’t where this kind of question belongs.  Please feel free to delete my post if so.   Thank you.
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