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security deposit claim letter

Hi, when mailing out the "Florida notice to impose a claim on the security deposit" should mail the original or the copy?

Always keep the original and send it registered.
What if the lease says "Notices can be sent via email" can I email that even though the statutes say certified mail?
If the lease says "notices can be sent via email"and with a tenant's signature then you're covered. If I were in your shoes, do both, It'll cost you $5 at the Post Office.
Good point, and that's why I think unchecking the email as an option is a good idea that way the tenant has to go to the post office too if required that way it's less likely they actually send the notice. I'd never take advantage of a tenant but there's some bad tenants out there and it's always better to make it harder for them if they want to take advantage. Is there any reason that you could think it's better to have the email option if you are not going to be away?
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