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disposal of belongings left in home after vacating

My tenant broke the lease and WILLINGLY vacated on 8/31 before I had to legally evict them. She claimed she vacated premises and left keys on counter cause she could not get off work to do walk thru via text (does not speak English). When my mom got there the tenant had left the door UNlocked to my house and all the windows were open as the AC was not working and she failed to tell me. She did not leave the house keys and she left several items! A bed frame with mattress, couch, grill, night stand and small kitchen appliances. And the fridge was nasty with food in it. I read that I legally have to give her 15 days to claim her items..what?! I have tried to contact her numerous times to see if she wants it and she will not reply back. Mind you she still owes me rent and left the house nasty. I have new tenants that want to move in and I don't know what to do with her stuff! Anyone have experience with this? Thanks
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If she's not replying to your communication attempts, you'll most likely have to take her to court to collect anything. I've been through this and now I do the following steps; 1. Change the locks. 2. Hire a cleaning-trash removal service (don't self clean and make up a bill out of your head-doing so can easily be argued in court.) and add their bill to the outstanding rent. 3. deduct the expenses from any security deposit. 4. If there is an outstanding balance due, go to the courthouse and file for damages as eviction doesn't apply, having them served by the county sheriff.     If the tenant left early and broke lease, you can bill her for months covered by the lease UP UNTIL you find a new tenant (no Double-Dipping per se) within reason as determined by the judge.
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