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My tenants are on a month to month since 2012 and have always been late 1 month but pays  now they told me they want to move out at the end of the month June 2018 and asked if they can use there deposit for the last months rent ...  It would be nice to have them gone that easy but I think they might do something at the end of month like pay for the rent again  Also they do keep the house clean but I know a cleaning after they move out will have to be done at 150.00 plus repairs of some tiles and maybe painting.   Bottom line is can I ask them to pay 400.00 on June 15th 2018 to cover some of the cost and let them keep the deposit but ask them to move out by June 30th Midnight.    They are having a hard time getting rent every month that's why they want to move out. Most of the time I think landlords would keep deposits and mail a check.  but I really want them out easiest way.
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