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condition of home after move out

We had a renter in our furnished home for 1 1/2 yrs.  She had a total of 5 cats, not 2, they destroyed our leather furniture and the house reeks.  The inside of my kitchen cabinets smell.  We had her and her sister back to the house and they did not smell anything or see any of the other issues too numerous to mention.  I have been scrubbing insides of cabinets to no avail, had to rewash silverware.  She took down all our pictures and deco and stuffed it into cabinets creating damage.  Where do I turn next.  I need to document all this, she thinks she is getting her deposit back.  She also had a list of things she wanted to buy, I gave her prices and no response.  She did take a hide a bed priced at $250.00 and said deduct from deposit, also broke a lamp in the process.  We live in Minnesota
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