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Covid-19 and tenant passed away

What is procedure in wa state during COVID-19, when a tenant passes away? She passed away in Feb and I have had little response from the administrator. Can I evict during this time?
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Hi Becky, I came across your post and wanted to reach out. First of all, I am sorry that you are dealing with this. Complicated Landlord/tenant issues can often become a liability, and lawyers can charge thousands before speaking with you.   Our team has created “Lawyer for a Day” to help you avoid that problem. With our platform, you can pay $125 to have one of our WA landlord/tenant attorneys provide 1 hour of advice on this matter. Are you available for a 10-minute call to see if this would be a fit for you? Let me know what times may work best to connect.  Feel free to check us out at
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