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Security Deposit return

I have a tenant that is moving out at the end of the month.    During her stay she purchased furniture that didn't fit through the doorway so I allowed the movers to remove the door frame so get the furniture and they were to replace it.  They did a shoddy job and the furniture place had to hire someone to fix it.   Now that she's moving out she wants me to let her do the same thing again to which I said no.  I explained to her that if the frame was removed again that it wasn't fixable and that I would need to take the repairs from her security deposit.    She went to housing court for assistance to which they suggested that I draw up an agreement where she would agree to pay for the door to be removed and replaced.  This is not sitting well with her because she claims that she didn't cause the damage herself rather the movers.    Can anyone recommend any solutions or advice?  Thanks
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