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Move Out & Eviction

I'm a Landlord in the state of Illinois my tenant lease expired June 30th 2017. I did renew the Lease for various reasons past due late fees and past due lawn care. this tenant has been paying the rent consistently late. Now since she been promising move out and having problems with her mate and calling the law for domestic problems. the mate has moved out the home she still residing.  Since she been hand served by me a notice for late fees for late rent and the lawn care and that they will be deducted from her security deposit. she consist rescheduling  inspection appoints with us. refusing to call us back being late on the rent. Now the tenant remains in the has not paid May rent promised to pay on the 11th of may no rent or answer from the tenant. however she still remains in the home. on May 14th 2018 we issued a 5 day notice. certified and posted on the front and back door and priority mail. I just want this tenant to vacate the premises. this tenant has change the locks and has some kinda of flammable barrel in the back of the house on the property. what can i do to have this tenant removed ASAP! PLEASE HELP
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