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WA state...collecting for damage beyond deposit

My tenant has moved out and has caused damages of approximately $5000+. I have a $2800 deposit which will barely cover the 110 yards of nice carpets that were covered with urine. Am I hurting my case against him if I give him notice about the damages prior to the final reconciliation? We would love if he would go to the carpet store and pay for the carpets vs us having to pay out this additional money and then try to get it back from him. He has a very high paying job and I will take him to court if need be. We live in another state and need the repairs done now so we can list the house as we are planning on selling it.
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Hello and sorry for the bad experience.  No, you would not be hurting your case if you try to reconcile prior to taking legal actions. In most cases (I rent in WI/IL) that step is mandatory.  Matt
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