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Refusal to switch utilities into tenant name

I have a tenant who has not paid her second months rent.  She has also lied and has refused to switch all of the utilities into her name.  We are going on month two of me paying the utilities.  The first month, she told me her husband was supposed to take care of it.  This is month two and she still has not done it.  I have posted an eviction notice.  Can I turn off the utilities since they are all in my name and not hers?  The lease is very clear that they are all her responsibilities.  I even included the address and phone numbers for each utility company.

At this point just evict her.  It might be considered constructive eviction since you let it go on this long.  I always set it up so the utilities are out of my name the second day and I let them know in the lease and directly that they need to switch it right away.  Did you screen the tenants with a credit check?  Their credit might be so bad they can't get utilities without a big deposit.
They told me that they did switch the utilities.  Even gave me confirmation numbers.  But, they were fake.  Time just went by quickly.  I have posted an eviction.  They are liers for sure.  I kept calling to check on the utilities, but they were never switched.  One excuse after another.  They are squatters.  It's been two months now.  No rent.  No utilities switched.  Court date is this Friday.
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