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VA Tenant at Sufferance Eviction

We have a tenant that has never had a written lease.  He vacated the house a week ago due to the electric company shutting off his power (he didn't pay the bill).  His possessions are still in the house, along with deep freezers full of rotting meat.  We had to call animal control because he even left the dog there alone, without food or water.  (They turned the dog over to me.)  We did a quick walk-through of the house because we are getting ready to do construction on the house and needed to take measurements (we gave him notice of the work).  The house has been completely trashed.  Also, he owes 2 months of rent and 2 months gas bills to us.  He will not answer his phone.  What is the best and fastest way to evict him?  Since there was never a lease and he paid rent when he felt like it, do I have to follow the normal 30-day process?  I really need help.  The house is a 170-yr-old historic property.

Did you ever get an answer?
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