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Can Landscaping Maintenance be Deducted from Deposit?

My tenants are required by the lease to perform landscape maintenance, including cutting and watering grass, weeding, trimming trees, and cleaning up yard debris (leaves, tree dropping, etc.) The lease also says that they need to return the premises in as good a condition as when they moved in. They have been there for two years and have not trimmed any shrubs or trees and have been problematic with weeding and removing leaves and debris. They are moving out in less than a week and the yard is a mess. I told him multiple times I expected him to trim some smaller trees and shrubs, weed, and clean weeds and grasses out of the planter boxes, in addition to a final mowing. The tenant was going to hire someone, but the guy said it was too much work! The tenant is threatening to sue me for his deposit, if I take money out for the landscaping. Am I within my right to do so? Should I be concerned about being sued with all that in the lease?
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If its in the lease, then you are within your rights. In this case, the tenant would have to take you to court to re-coup so you may want to take a lot of pictures. Additionally, get an estimate from a landscaping service to help prove the amount you're claiming.
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