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Can I charge my Tenant for removal?

Hello, New Landlord here.  I had to move out a lot of stuff from my unit into a storage unit that was left by a tenant who left in the middle of the month.  It took me about 6 hours of moving.  If he wants the stuff back (its in a storage unit) can i charge him $100 for my days worth of labor?   I know I can charge him the storage fees for the storage unit but I want about $100 for having to basically move him into a storage unit. Thanks in advance! Evan

You can charge him but if he contests, be prepared to justify your amounts to a judge.
I also spent 2 days and paid to remove furniture and trash from my house.  I  do not have 'll receipts but can substantiate amount of effort in pictures.   They keep staying it was left for charity   I reminded them the lease stars they are to leave the home as the received it.  Let see what they try next.
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