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Rent due? Rental jargon?

I have 4 tenants... 3 of them wish to renew the lease on July 1, 2018.  The other one is moving out on the 30th of June.  Prior to my owning the building, my parents owed the property.  On July 1st, 2017, my dad collected, "first and last months rent and a security deposit."  June 1st, my tenant states that she does not owe me rent for the month of June, since she paid, "first and last months rent." She is one that plans on renewing the lease.  I am being told conflicting things; like first and last months rent is antiquated jargon, and it should have been first months rent and a security deposit (equaling 2 months).  She wants to begin a new lease starting July 1.   No one has paid me rent for the month of June thus far.   Is she correct?  My lawyer has also stated that I should collect the rent, regardless of what my dad told her.  I know she will turn around and tell me that she paid last month's rent and will begin anew.   In addition, the one moving out?  I assume she still owes me rent, correct?  This has all been very confusing and I thank you.
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From what you say I'd have to side with the tenant.  you say your dad collected "first and last months rent and a security deposit." So when they moved in they would have paid first month (july 2017's rent) last month's rent(june 2018's rent) and a security deposit which I assume would be equal to one month's rent.  So the would have given him 3 months worth of rent at move-in.   The one moving out would be paid under the last months rent collected at move-in.   Also was all of this captured in the lease they signed?  BTW if it's confusing to you imagine the tenant who paid first and last months rent and then the landlord is trying to collect last months rent a second time.
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