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Notice to quit

We recently purchased a 4 plex. After seeing the previous "contracts" we realized the "landlord" was not legal in the state of Colorado. So there by none of the contracts were legal that he had signed..  We gave each of the current tenants the option to go through our application process and sign one of our leases if they chose to stay. If they did not we gave them 45 days to find a new place to live. We had one couple who decided to move. They had a new place as of July 7th. They told us they would have all of their things out by Saturday the 14th, then they changed to the 16th. They are already living in their new place but have a bunch of stuff still left to move out. I posted a notice to quit giving them 3 days to finish removing their things from the apartment. It is up at 8 am tomorrow. Do I have legal right enter the apartment after 8 am and change the locks and start getting rid of their things . By Colorado law they were a tenant at will so I gave them 3 days ...

I don't know about Colorado law.  But most places NO.  You still have to evict them through the court system.  And from a quick search it looks like CO is the same, the 3 day notice is just what you have to give before you can file for eviction.  Your best bet is if your in communication with the tenant is to see what you can do to "help" them finish moving and explain they are responsible to pay rent as long as their stuff is in the house.
They are already moved out though and are living at another residence. They have also not paid rent for the month of July. I have a text from one of the tenants saying they couldn't pay rent because they were using the money to pay the rent and the deposit on the new place...
Yes, it is frustrating.  They still haven't returned possession so if you throw all the stuff out they would possibly have a case to sue you for the value of the lost property.  Of course if it's just left over trash and you document everything that is there before you toss it to show it has no value.  Best thing is if you can just get them to say they are done with the property and you can have it back.  Best of luck, scott
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