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No lease tenant threatening fair housing act violation

Hello, me and my partner manage a Airbnb inn in Colorado but back in November he had made an arrangement with a girl he left sorry for to help him clean the rooms. They made a verbal agreement that she would help clean the Airbnb rooms and help with babysitting in exhange for her housing. There was no lease. She failed to perform her duties as expected and he had to clean the rooms himself. She would frequently bring guys over, which she wasn't supposed to (but don't have that in writing) and we are pretty sure she's doing illegal drugs in there as well. She had been evicted in the past as well. When he tries to ask her to leave she threatens to claim mental abuse and fair housing act violations against him. He has already ended her employment and served her notice to quit. Seems like he might need a lawyer for this one. Anyone have any advice?
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Hello. Getting a lawyer is always the safe route if, for the only reason, it removes the "emotional factor" from the conversations. I would go down to the county courthouse, file for a court date for eviction and then walk over to the sheriff's office and pay to have her served. Then plead your case in court. It's your legal right. As for the "threatens to claim mental abuse and fair housing act violations"...just ignore. As there is no lease and no rent exchanged in the form of money, she has little to no options. Good Luck
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