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Can I ask one of the tenants to move out?

They were engaged, now broke up.  She wants him to go, but he doesn’t want to.  He’s been smoking pot in the home and watched his parents 2 puppies for two weeks (inside the home).  Their contract is up so now on a month to month.  They signed agreeing to no smoking or pets.  2 questions:  1) is it ok to ask one of them to go & 2) can I charge them a pet deposit for the 2 puppies they temporarily had?  I had just replaced the wood flooring and carpet in the place. I have a strict policy on pets just for this reason.
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You can always ask. If he says no, as they are MTM, tell them you're not renewing for the next month. As for the pet damage - as the pets are gone, damage comes out of the deposit.
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