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Is ending a month by month legal during Covid?

I have a month by month lease and I notified my tenant it's not renewed and she needs to leave. No cause. Just not renewing the lease. The tenant took legal advise and a lawyer non profit organisation contacted me referring to the Tenant Relief Act of 2020 and the Tenant Protection Act of 2019, and the ending of a periodic lease is not considered “just cause” for eviction under these laws...  She is now evoking  COVID-related financial distress "to exercise her right to remain in her home"   The tenant lease expired today. And I planned a move out inspection and Open House tomorrow. I just plan to enter the house... The tenant is not very vocal (and do not speak English anyway)  Is this really illegal to end a lease during Covid? Or should I just proceed. In the limit of respect and decency obviously...
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Sounds like you are in CA they have some rules against ending even a MTM without good cause.
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