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can you evict a tenant that attempted suicide

I just got a new tenant in last week. Him and his girlfriend both signed the year lease.  after 4 days of living there she left and 2 days later he attempted suicide. he called 911 and the ambulance and police showed up. they took him to the hospital. because I am not a relative they will not give me any information.  I am assuming he will be committed for so many days.but he has not notified me at all. what are my legal rights. he is paid up for the next 2 months, but I don't want a tenant that is suicidal. any information you give me would be so helpful. I live in New York State. Can I legally evict him.

If he's paid for the next two months, there's nothing you can do. Come month three, if he hasn't paid, process for eviction. If he's  no-show, you'll win your case.
When you can talk to him let him know if he doesn't want to stay you'll let him out of the lease and you will return the the prorated rent and the security deposit.  He may not want to stay there alone and since you don't want him it will work for you both.  Phrase it so you are being nice and are will to help him if that's what he wants.
PS.  Don't return the money until he is all the way out and there is no damage.
Agree with Matthew, Scott.
My reaction is - maybe consider the big picture. Why kick a person when he is down? Hopefully he can get his life back on track. If their rent is paid and this did not cause any damage he should be able to keep living in the home for which he has a lease. Many people attempt suicide once and then never again. Attempting suicide is not illegal, unless he does something like shooting a gun, which would be illegal.
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