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Violation of Lease

My tenants had signed a 30 day, month to month, lease that required 30 days notice to terminate their lease.  On June 12th I had to have a conversation with them in regards to them allowing their pet to be outside unattended.  Under my pet addendum, it was stated that pets were not allowed outside unattended at any time.  This was also the 4th time I was having to speak to them about the same situation in less than 4 months time.  The next morning my tenants notified me they would be leaving at the end of the month due to this. On June 21st they moved their belongings out.  They left garbage on the enclosed back porch for 4 days until they returned the keys.   At this time, I was going to complete the inspection but was unable to because they had shut the electricity off. The following day I had completed an inspection and found they had changed several electrical outlets in the unit.  They did not contact me to receive consent to make these alterations to the property as outline in the lease terms. These outlets were operable two prong units that were not changed because of the wiring in the house (not having a ground).  I am now out of code and needing to have an electrician come in to ensure the safety of the house.   I was originally going to return their deposit to them but with all of the issues I am now having, I am wondering what my legal standing is in this situation.  I believe that NY state landlord tenant law requires a 30 day notice.  I just want to make sure I legally have a leg to stand on if I do not return their security deposit to them.
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Use the deposit to reimburse for repairs. If they argue the issue, wait for them to file in court.
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