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Tenant asked me to remove her partner

I got a call from my tenant pretty much telling me she's been paying rent by herself and her partner isn't paying anything and won't leave the house. She wanted to know if I could start a new lease with just her. I told her I can't because its a legal contract with both of them and the only way she could have him leave the house would to file an eviction against him and follow the steps for an eviction. Legally we can't force him out, they been there for a year already. Is there anything else she can do or is that technically her only choice?   Has anyone ever had a similar situation? How did you handle it?
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You can 1. stay out of it.   2.  If they signed a year lease without a renewal clause so that they are now on a month to month you could try giving him 30 day notice to vacate and sign a new lease with just her.   (Of course now if he doesn't move-out you have to evict him and you have put yourself in the middle of someone else's problems.)
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