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California evictions allowed while under COVID moratorium

We are trying to find out what reasons a tenant can still be evicted in California while the COVID moratorium on non payment of rent is in effect thru 1-31-2021.  Would any of these reasons be valid? hoarding abandoned unregistered vehicles storing belongings outside their unit people living there that are not on the lease a month to month lease, can it not be renewed by the landlord during COVID?  Specifically, our unit is located in South Lake Tahoe, CA, El Dorado County. We'd appreciate any input especially from a landlord/tenant lawyer. Thank you
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If they are on a Month to month lease I would first try to give them 30 day notice to vacate.  You aren't evicting them you just aren't renewing the lease.  I think for the other items you need to give them a fix or quit notice before you do anything else.
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