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Tenants Broke Up and One Wants Out

We recently rent a house to a young couple and today we got a call from one of them stating that they broke up months ago but have been keeping it civil...that is until now. Apparently his ex is bringing other men to the house and he wants out. He offered to try to find someone to take his place on the lease but of course this makes us nervous. Any suggested documents to release him from the lease/allow the other tenant to fully take on the lease? Also, we haven't heard from the other tenant and are not sure if she's even open to releasing him from half of the responsibility. Any suggestions on how to navigate? Thanks!
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Both are still legally responsible for the rent even if one moves out. I would tell him that until you hear from both him and his ex with a solution that EVERYONE can agree to, you will not allow tenant substitution. That puts you out of the conflict and in control of what eventually happens to the apartment. Good Luck.
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